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Service Dogs

Pro-Train specially bred dogs, rescued dogs and donated dogs that meet special criteria. All dogs must be obedience …
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Personalized Dog Training

We Start with an initial consultation of 1-2 hours to evaluate, train, instruct you and customize a training …
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Pro-Train Institue

Pro-Train Institute specializes teaching dog trainers and is the foremost dog trainers’ school in the …
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Personalized Dog Training is essential in ensuring a happy and healthy relationship between a dog and its owner. Eliminate the stress for both you and your dog with professional and proper dog training. With over 40 years of experience and over 9,000 dogs trained you can be confident in choosing Pro-Train to build the foundation for a lifelong bond between you and your dog.

  • Puppy Management: Develop confidence in your puppy and prevent problem behaviors that are expensive to correct
  • Obedience Training: Teaches obedience and responsiveness to the owner
  • Behavior Modification: Chronic problems require professional attention–We’ll fix them.
  • Protection Training: protect the people and things that are important
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No Dog is too Old!
Learn more about our personalized dog training courses or call us today to arrange the dog training that your dog needs. 1 877 BAD DOGS (1-877-223-3647)

Happy Tails Pro-Train is proud to partner with Happy Tails Tours. Check out the Awesome Adventure Trips for both you and your dog(s)!


I have been a Pro-Train client for 7-years. I have severe cerebral palsy and a 95% vision loss. Mr. Castillero custom trained a beautiful Black Lab named Scooby, who courageously guided me... Read more

- Kim S.

About 5 years ago my daughter became very ill and became increasingly worse. Last October she almost died. The team at Children’s Hospital had no idea what was wrong with her. She was in... Read more

- Cynthia Morales

I wanted to let you know that Defendants prevailed in the Winzer v. Silver F, Inc., et al. matter. The Court’s Tentative Decision (which has since become the Final Decision, as Plaintiff’s ...
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- Sean M. Stowers, KROGH & DECKER, LLP

If you have a passion for dogs and a love for them and understanding of them Pro train would be a great career choice. Pro train in San Diego teaches you how to read a dog, leash control...
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- John Colageo
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About Us

About Pro-Train

Pro-Train is an organization of professional dog trainers, dedicated to the training of top quality animals for the purpose of private ownership of properly trained and obedient dogs for individual or family companionship and protection.

The Pro-Train Institute is located in Northern San Diego County in Southern California. Our climate is very temperate, with summer highs in the 80’s and 90’s and winter lows in the 40’s and 50’s. The Institute is located near the town of Bonsall, a hilly rural community about 30 miles north of San Diego …Read more here

More Than a Dog Whisperer

Mark is also an author of the book More than a Dog Whisperer: Making it Big in the Dog Training Industry. His just-released book is packed with Dogman Mark wisdom that will give dog trainers the confidence they need to start their own dog-training business. More Than A Dog Whisperer will explore all the particulars of the industry so you can then make an educated decision to enroll in dog-training school.

Working with animals is a true gift to all who have the opportunity. If you’re passionate about dogs and their relationships with humans, patient and comfortable working on your own as well as with dog owners, and interested in continual self-education and betterment, then this book is for you! Mark Dogman Castillero will help you launch and direct your career by providing insightful advice gained through forty years of experience in working as a dog trainer.

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Service Zip Codes:

Mark Castillero

Professional Dog Trainer in San Diego

1544 Avohill Rd,
Vista, CA 92084

Phone: (760) 749-0897 or 1-877-BAD DOGS
Fax: (760) 749-7154
Email: [email protected]

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